wings and things

Sitting ducks

I have a new respect for birders and people who take photographs of wild birds. This morning I went outside with my camera specifically to take photos of wild (as opposed to tame) birds.

There was an abundance of course, all flying to and fro, landing in the trees, frolicking on the lawn, singing raucously, and playing hide and seek (from me!)

So I had to content myself with my happy-to-pose-for-you sitting ducklings.

Here is one of Michael Jackson who has developed some stylish markings on his head:


And here are Misha and Freckle:


I will keep trying with the wild birds ….



The email

I received an email this morning that contained some harsh words and some kind words:

Get your act together.

You are doing fine.

Make a great meal.

Go for a walk.

Forget about your NanoWriMo failed attempt – get back to your half-written novella.

Make a list of things you need to do and put it on the frig.

Recharge your camera and start taking photos again!

Get the paper work sorted into categories and do NOT panic.

Try to conjure something to look forward to.

Stop being so hard on yourself.

Stop sulking.

Practise smiling in front of the mirror.

Keep going.

There was much more to this email but those were the main points. The sender’s voice was strong but loving because the sender was me.

Have you ever sent yourself an email?


Head shots

We are being visited by more and more pink and gray galahs. Here is a head shot of two of them. I would like to say this is deliberate but of course it isn’t; it is my poor photography skills. This afternoon I will try to get the rest of the birds into the photo – you never know!


Our blue wrens!

As you can see from the following pictures, I have discovered the secret to good photography. You will have to read below to find out how I accomplished this.

The secret to good photography is to get someone else to do it. These are courtesy of Elen Wood. Thank you Elen!


A visual feast –

Baby wren

Budgie, I think!

I’m not sure what this is.


Kookaburra. One of these once smashed through a window into our house!



Tracie’s blog is both a visual and a verbal feast and I am enriched every time I visit it!