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Imagined conversation 55

on July 29, 2018

Me: This is my fifth attempt to write the same thing. I just cannot seem to capture the flavour of your voice properly, Ants.

Anthony: Does it matter? Which voice?

Me: Well that is probably what the problem is. There is your long ago booming, laughing voice, then there is your more recent quiet, stumbling voice, and now there is your imagined heavenly voice.

Anthony: Does it matter? I rather like the heavenly voice.

Me: It matters to me that I get it right, Ants! I want these conversations to mean something.

Anthony: You worry too much, Jules.

Me: I know, but the other thing is that I have run out of photos of you so I have to use the same ones again and again and sometimes I forget that I have already posted that photo or this photo….

Anthony: None of this matters, Jules (although I do prefer the more flattering photos of me).

Me: I love you so much, Ants.

Anthony: Good, Jules.

Me: You are supposed to say it back!



7 responses to “Imagined conversation 55

  1. I like that we have different voices. I mean, monotone is usually not a good sound. ❤

  2. Who I am says:

    Enjoy this Sunday. Do something different

  3. I remember when it would distress me that I could not pull an image of father into my mind that was really clear a while after he died. It was so clear before that but it did fade. Although, every once in a while, I get images or remember our talks. For example, the time he drove past a stop sign and went through an intersection and I yelled something like “Dad do you know what you just did?” He was shaken, but replied, “Don’t tell your Mother! ” That still cracks me up and I shared this incident with my brother last month when I was visiting him. My dad died 32 years ago so I have never forgotten,

  4. He loved you with every beat of his heart, as you loved him

  5. Speaking in a heavenly voice…shimmering, sparkling, and glowing!
    So beautiful!

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