wings and things


My clouds hug the sky

cockatoos caw out their joy

and the rain giggles.

Just a little haiku to celebrate our autumn. Every evening when I leave the nursing home, I drive past a spot on the edge of town where hundreds of white cockatoos fill the trees like giant snowflakes, and create a raucous cacophony. They are so loud, it can be alarming if you don’t know what the noise is but I love it! I am not quite sure why there are so many in that particular spot as there are none on the farm; there are plenty of other parrots here but not the white ones. Interesting. Well it is finally raining and the brown paddocks will soon be green again! The faltering wormwood will come back to life, the five acres of lawn will need mowing around the house and everything that looked dead will be reborn (okay, except for most of the roses!) IMG_4307 IMG_4505 The wormwood hedge stretches from where the house is right back to where Ming’s shed is. I remember the days when Anthony trimmed it, then the days when Arthur trimmed it, then the days when Ming said he would trim it, and the days when I thought about trimming it, but, alas, all of those days are gone. Autumn seems a good time to take another blog break so that I can concentrate on some other projects including applying for a job as a behaviour consultant with a local Alzheimer’s Disease organisation. It might happen and it might not but it would be a wonderful opportunity to share some of the lessons I have learned about dementia and communication over the years, including what is happening right now with Anthony and me. It is very hard to see someone who used to be the life of the party reclined crookedly in an armchair in a nursing home. It is also very hard for me to find the words to adequately express how much I love this man, my husband, Anthony, without resorting to cliches. Hence the concluding haiku:

My sky hugs your clouds.

The birds are oblivious.

You hold my small hand.


A white peacock twirls: a haiku (or two)

A white peacock twirls
in an old, red dairy shed,
his dance ancient, new.


He wrestles the wind
and the dust of the old shed,
to be absolute!


Gutsy9 update in the form of a haiku


Atop my shoulder
This beautiful little friend
My teenage peacock

[Many thanks to Samantha for this photo of G9 yesterday].



I found some old socks –
the football socks you once wore
to get the cows in.

Your favourite socks!
But you never played football –
you just liked to run….

I put your socks on
and now I will go to bed
With you warming me.


A haiku-ish poem

These small fingernails
Whisper up and down the spine
Of an opened book

Are you rose or weed?
Or are you an applecore
Filled with arsenic?

I don’t do poems
I can’t seem to write poems
This is a poem

Yesterday is grey
And tomorrow is today
There is a blue wind

A baby crying
The howl of a wolfling
Until the huge smile

The grass seems greener
Just outside my sunglasses
And a glass of red

Peachick near my heart,
Son away for his birthday,
Husband not here now

There are a few hells
And ours is extremely small –
A rotten peanut

Why? is a mute word
Are my sunflowers growing yet?
I didn’t plant them

A string of haiku
All of the syllables perfect
Full of emptiness

Until the storm blows
A big hole in the window
And now I can breathe

We have wings of steel
Lost and found in the debris
Of a blossom rain.


Butterfly haiku

The utterfly looks

for the B that will heal it

under the grey rocks.

The utterfly has

enormously big nostrils,

like big purple eyes.

The utterfly finds

its missing B in the hug

of an old, old man.

The utterfly finds

its missing B in the smile

of a young, young man.

The utterfly speaks,

sheds its mothy shabbiness,

enfolds its own B …

And becomes a butterfly.


I am having a haiku phase!

We didn’t know that

everything would get so hard.

Our smiles would falter

We always knew that

our marriage was forever.

In sickness and health.

We didn’t know that

he’d have to have surgery

on his twisted back



Son haiku

You’re a total brat,

but you have your angel side.

I love you too much.

Unreliability haiku

I didn’t turn up.

“And why am I not surprised?”

my friend says to me.

Hearty haiku

Edges of my heart

are broken, frayed and scabby

I don’t pick the scabs.

Joyful haiku

I watch all the birds,

and the rain blurs my vision,

but they fly freely.

Flower haiku

The roses suffer.

The camellias grow huge.

I want sunflowers.

Friendship haiku

I am a good friend

to those who forgive me all.

Those people have wings.

Blogging haiku

The blog world is weird

and magically scented.

Unexpected bliss.

Husband haiku

You were once my world

and now this world has collapsed.

Parkinson’s disease.